The Agency Project developed from my personal need for a form of healing that came from my own development. I believe the human mind and experience is complex and infinitely individual, which in turn means that our wounds are just as unique and require our own upmost attention to heal. The nature of modernity creates systems and patterns; sometimes  to  a  fault.   This project is about returning to an individualized humanity. This process is rooted in using conceptual methodologies developed to study and create interior spaces, to study the human interior. I have been working on a series of personal mapping projects that I see as case studies for a method that facilitates self-awareness, transformation, and self-acceptance. A mapping project begins once I identify an area that could use attention and break down a method for collecting data. Current subjects include; location, human connections,  self-deprecating thought, positive counter thought, physical appearance, and yoga practice. The success in the work is that the act of documentation manifests awareness of both my reality and my agency over my daily life and the broader course of my life.