Liquid, Solid, Melt, Repeat is a body of mixed media works that visually discuss the tensions that exist between control and chaos. The works are reliant on a series of creative actions and impulse decisions that are made in the midst of a methodical process. Sewing is used as an attachment method referencing the work of the homemaker - a person who is thought to build and mend our most intimate space. Scraps from vegetables are used to create pigment which allude to cooking and eating as they are home activities that are so often accompanied by intimate thought and conversation.

The imprints in the works are created with natural pigments that I condense and freeze into ice forms. Once frozen, I place the ice on fiber and allow it to melt. Every decision made during this process affects the imprint. The works generated are an ode to psychological impressions developed through life experience. 

Once the imprints have been made there are multiple courses of action which they may take. All of the artistic processes developed to create these works mimic different mental activities that we practice on our memories. Some of the works are carefully preserved marriages of paper and organza in plexiglass boxes. In others, imprints on organza are hand stitched together to create a free flowing assemblage. In contrast, some of the imprints are very heavily worked by being cut up, rearranged, and machine stitched back together. In these the original imprints may be unrecognizable.